WTH is there so little documentation about the architecture of supervised HA

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I recently posted a question elsewhere about deploying a new HA image, and it not working at all.

I am willing and able to do some troubleshooting, but there is minimal information in the user- or developer documentation about the operation of hassos, the supervisor and the containerized version of HA.

What software is running to create the strange HA prompt when you log in to the console? How does it interact with hassos and HA? Where do I look to check what is working and what not? Where are the logs stored? What is the normal startup sequence and where are the startup scripts located?

I know that documentation is a chore to write, but having absolutely none is disappointing. If the developers could only throw us a small bone to show us the basic operation and architecture of the supervised system, that would be a huge help in debugging “nothing works” issues.



Thank you, appreciate the links. Even there though, the developer documentation is very, very sparse and does not really contain enough info for troubleshooting.

You also have the main HassOS architect on tap to answer your questions:

General enquiries:

Development based questions:

Thank you! The folks over there were able to help me solve the issue in short order.