WTH is up with Home Assistant Supervised installation docs?

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In May, it was decided that Home Assistant Supervised would still be supported in some incarnation or another, and we were told “these details can be expected soon”. Two months ago in ADR-14, the decision was taken of what the officially supported platform would be (Debian 10) for Supervised installations, and we were told that someone would “update documentation on how to install this method, the required experience and the expected maintenance.”. But today, there is zero indication that this is even a possibility in the official documentation

The upshot of this is that there is massive confusion on places like the Facebook group where I daily have to remind people that Ubuntu is no longer supported for Supervised installations, and don’t have anywhere official to point people for the right way to do it.

Can we get a clear official direction forward please?

You have, ADR-014.
It’s just missing from HA Docs

This is actually being worked on. We’ve finished the ADR process and defined scope and now are looking into how to inform people, but also on how the installer should look/work for the future.

I’m coding on a proof of concept as we speak.


Yep, I myself ran into this issue ending up using a forum post that was outdated. I have no issues now, but deciding on and publishing the docs is needed. Support is also not going to be easy but I think the community is very helpful when it comes to all of this.

More details on that new warning might be needed also and how to fix the issues somewhere would be good. In my case it was as simple as re running the install script and tweaking the docker config

You’ll notice this was linked in my original post and I have posts in the comment thread where that ADR was defined, so I am well aware of it… But it doesn’t describe what the officially supported method is, just a plan for what they will do to define that. It’s not enough for actually doing an installation from.

I’ve just noticed that a link was added to the supervised installation docs from the main installation page finally, so I think this one’s safe to delete now… Though I do think the install docs could be a bit better, but at least they exist now.