WTH is up with managing Lovelace Resources?

I am fully prepared to be told this is unworkable but why can’t Lovelace Resources be managed by the system if you use YAML mode?

Resources are a discrete and (pretty much) a ‘touch once’ part of the config which never needs to be edited; add to or remove from maybe but not edit in the sense that changes are made to what is already there.

It works fine if your main config for lovelace is storage even if all your dashboards are yaml.

  mode: storage

      mode: yaml
      title: Home
      icon: fas:city
      show_in_sidebar: true
      filename: dash-home.yaml
      mode: yaml
      title: Other
      icon: fas:home
      show_in_sidebar: true
      filename: dash-other.yaml

It gives you the best of both worlds.