Wth is wake on lan not a button

In current config WOL is only a switch. But normally WOL is only way. With buttons it is much easier. And if you want to trigger a shutdown action (currently “off action” which is not a WOL action) you could use “press long” actions.

Yeah, the switch always makes me anxious. I want to be able to wake up some machines, but not shut them down by accident. I have not configured action so it won’t do that, but I after a while I don’t remember how it is configured and I just see a switch in the dashboard where it looks like you can turn it off.

A button for wake-on-lan seems a better fit, as that is all you can do with wke-on-lan anyway.
I suppose it is like this because there were no buttons when the initial integration was created.

@turnmike2 don’t forget to vote for your own WTH

You can create a template button and add the wake_on_lan.send_magic_packet service to it. This way you can do it without the switch

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Ah that is a good tip, thanks

As a hack I was using the switch, but as soon as the magic packet is sent, then the next step is to turn the switch back off. Works well actually -

I’m having a strange problem with this. I’ve done that, restarted home assistant and worked flawlessly. Then I’ve hard rebooted ha and an error pops up.

Any suggestions?