WTH is with the random ⋮ menus?

The three-dot menus are a constant pain point for me, and I often see other’s questions answered by “it’s hidden in the dot menu on a page somewhere”.

The dot menus feel like Easter Eggs rather than menus. You navigate to what seems to be the right place, you can’t find something, then you notice the tiny dots up in the corner - “Gah! There it is!”

If the dots have to be there, good UX would demand they were common across screens for example “Edit this screen”, “send feedback”, “about HA”, not for stuff that just didn’t fit on this screen for some reason.

It needs to be consistent. If for example, “Edit” doesn’t apply, it would be grayed out and still give me information ie I can’t edit this page. I shouldn’t have to check there just to see if this screen has a bunch of hidden but crucial options squirreled away.

The Edit Dashboard option takes this to extremes. It’s fair enough for the Edit option to be there, but the menu changes in that context! That completely breaks the UX.

As an aside, I know this is partly due to history and the growth of HA in general. I’ve been a user for at least five or six years and I love it to bits, but it might be time for a rethink so future additions have a logical place.