WTH isn't it easier to see where an entity came from?

The UI has made great strides in usability for connecting entites → devices → integrations. For entities that are “modern enough” the Related tab of the entity popup shows whether the entity is part of a device and what integration it belongs to, but there are still quite a few integrations/entities where that info isn’t available.

For example, the built-in sun.sun entity from the Sun integration doesn’t have any info in related (other than what automation elements it is used in.)

However, the page /config/entities does show that sun.sun is from the Sun integration. So WTH doesn’t the Related entity popup show that? (The Sun integration does have a card on /config/integrations, but it doesn’t show any entities.)

No info is available for (Most) entities that show up on /config/entities with integration in Sensor, Binary Sensor, Template (both legacy format and new format), Group (legacy, not new), input *, Alert. Many of these are of course configured in YAML as template sensors, REST sensors, etc.

There is also no information to be able to distinguish an entity that is part of a custom integration from something that is configured in YAML. There should be at least some information available to differentiate these cases. Aren’t custom integrations required to have at least a manifest.json in order to be loaded?

I get that the idea is that many integrations need to be “modernized” and most entities should be getting a unique ID. But I think the entity popup could give a few more clues about where an entity came from.