WTH: line colours in history

This is a wish for the maintainers. Every tenth male is somewhat colour deficient in his vision. Now while it will never be possible to make us see all the detail others do, there’s no need to make it extra hard.
In history line graphs the first two colours chosen, i.e. the only ones when there are only two lines, are totally and absolutely identical and indistinguishable. I accept that with many lines I will never be able to tell all of them apart like others can, but with two it’s easy and trivial.
Please introduce a little consideration into the next update.
P.S: I did search and could not find this discussed before. How to change line colour in lovelace history graph has the same request for different reasons but no solution.

For numerical charts:

  1. Currently colors of lines may be customized by card-mod (go to card-mod thread → 1st post → link at the bottom → history-graph).
  2. Also, this could probably be used in a whole UI (i.e. not for some particularly history-graph card) by defining CSS vars in a theme.

Good idea.

More broadly, native support for a colour blind friendly palette would be a nice addition.

I see one for that here.

HA Dev people usually think about a11y. If anyone has suggestions regarding default colors - please post in Discussions.

I believe Nabu Casa now have at least one front end developer/designer on their payroll.

I can’t believe that none of them have ever considered colour blind friendly interfaces before. I have no evidence but I suspect it is covered in Class Number 1 of UI design.

With respect, No. This isn’t an unsolved problem that requires any user input or assistance.