WTH? Log section

Ok so i don’t know if this is already covered in another topic but if so… sorry i missed it.

While I was watching Dr. Zzzs YouTube session on september 13th we were talking about the WTH month. I thought i was already too late to add something so i didn’t bother to do so. The Doc told me otherwise so here goes.

In the log section of the addons you can refresh the page (for example when it’s still loading).
You have to scroll all the way down and press the button to see that it is still not ready and do it again.
I would really like to, see it changed or be able to modify it’s behavour.

for example.

Put the log in a text window on the page
Invert the log text so the latest log record shows on top and the oldest at the bottom.
Change the location of the ‘refresh’ button to the top of the log so we don’t have to scroll. Or better yet, make the log auto refresh.

I think that should be done for all of the logs.

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Voted just for auto-refresh