WTH - Make gardena integration a part of Home Assistant standard integrations

Hi, I use gardena integration from HACS and for me this is one of the most important, and it is awesome. Would be epic if it was a part of standard Home Assistant. I use several integrations to trigger start and stop so for me it would be wonderful to have it as a standard integration.


Well, you’ll have to ask the maker of this component to make it an official integration. However, I do not see what the added value is? Why do you need it to be an official integration?

Well… since this is WTH i thought i could add it as a request since i have very few reasons to have HACS other than this. Perhaps other people would like this aswell, we will see with the votes?
The value is that maybe have it easier to access and at least for me not need HACS.
Others have asked the developer to make it official but as i understand he is alone and maybe not having the time to make it official, maybe by making this post others that know how can help maintain it and maybe make it official?
But if i have missunderstod the function of WTH i happily will flag this post for removal.

WTH (WTF) isn’t for Feature Requests though, it’s for asking why things aren’t designed a certain way etc.