WTH - Map layers

It would be great if the map functionality in Home Assistant had customisable (i.e. transparency / symbols / color pallets) map layers that may also be triggered by / trigger entities and automations.

This would especially be useful to display multiple sources of information such as Australian wildfires and home / device locations.

This functionality may also have an extended use as it may be hackable for home / room / floorplan views too…?

As a final thought, it would also be nice to see a slight overhaul to HA to allow for layers sources such as geoJSON and PostGIS to be integrated but I appreciate, this is more of an advanced feature and HA isn’t a GIS system.

Voted! You‘re right: HA isn‘t a Web GIS but it would be easy to support dynamic layers in the leaflet-based map card like OGC WMS or ArcGIS map and feature services…