WTH More complete and estetically pleasing remote control for dashboard

I created the below remote control with over 2000lines of yaml manual card in the dashboard. It’s for touchscreen. But it’s taking up more of space than when done with picture elements, due all the buttons. It’s not possible to do it with picture elements due the touch-icons overlap quickly when close together.
Anyway updating my code is a pain in the ass searching with so many lines in the manual card. Would be nice if there is a standard fully functional remote card in dashboard (so a bigger card then the standard mediaplayer card) which can be “filled in” with options and mediaplayers and has the nice-ness of the current mediaplayercard witch can show a backgroundpicture and stuff :-).

My example card below relies on a combination of Harmony and mediaplayer entities to work. The dropdown changes the device to control and also the availible options. The dropdown also resets its self to standard (tv) with a helper automation. If you want the code, let me know and vote! :wink:

when selecting pre-amplifier the options change

the “layout” could be better, but it’s hard to code so many horizontal vertical stacks with buttons… so maybe it can be done with a new-to-develop-“official” media-remote card.

Duplicate of:

Please vote and comment there.