WTH: New Google Sheets integration should insert creation time as proper time

The new Google Sheets integration automatically adds a column for created but the time is a string and to fractions of a second that probably is really not needed. This data really should be a datetime object!

You can use this:

"{{now().strftime(\"%d/%m/%y %H:%M:%S\")}}"

But of course, better if ‘created’ dissapeared.

I’ve tried that, yes that inserts a date time stamp, but the real issue here is that all data being added is added as text and only formats to a proper datetime cell after forcing the sheet to reset the cell / column. But the next addition will still go in as text.

Ok. I understad now.

ditto. Just starting using the google sheets service and learned about the “created” time stamp. I actually needed the time stamp column, so I don’t mind too much about that. I agree we should have more control over it, like its object type, format and even column name. I’d prefer “time_stamp” for my use cases.

just add created and it will be overwritten

like this:

service: google_sheets.append_sheet
  config_entry: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  worksheet: test3
    created: "{{now().strftime(\"%d/%m/%y\")}}"
    Time: "{{now().strftime(\"%H:%M:%S\")}}"
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