Wth. No Nissan (Aria) integration for Nissans new app "Nissan connect"!

I need my car status i HA, that way i can control powering and more…


I have a nissan leaf and I would also like to integrate it with home assistant

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First attempt was with leaf2mqtt which worked, but did not gave me battery % and running the docker in hass was making supervisor moan and complain… as i did not want to setup another docker instance somewhere I focused on node red.
Thanks to node red and the work of various people I finally start getting somewhere.

Thanks to following gits : GitHub - netmb/nodered-nissanconnect , which was no longer working due to changed urls and some methods, but because of the excellent work of Tobias Westergaard Kjeldsen / dartnissanconnect · GitLab i was able to refactor it to get working.

It’s a start

Nice work verry interesting , could you share some details? Or push the code to github. ?

I’ll need to clean it up a little bit and then I will put the node red flows on GIT, and the sensor configs and post an update here, but in essence the nodered GITI posted above is working but you need to go in the flows and change all URL from eu to eu2