WTH: not all UI elements can be closed with ESC or click outside it

This UX needs to be fixed unless there is very good reason to force user to click “Close” or “X”

Example windows that can’t be closed without clicking specific UI element:

  • Create helper: “Cancel” from main menu, “Back” from specific helper
  • Add integration: X
  • Add zone: X
  • Add new dashboard: X
  • Add tag: X
  • Add person: X
  • Add user: X
  • Create backup: X and “Close”

Works with:

  • Create area: X
  • Create automation: X
  • Import blueprint: X

This should be fixed in 2022.10, as all dialogs have been replaced in that release.

2022.10 is in beta now, feel free to join that and test it :+1: