WTH - Old people(50ish) need bigger text sizes in Lovelace

I’ve tried all the custom cards and hacks. No joy across devices.
Viewing my dashboards on the computer is great, easy enough to zoom in.
All other devices, like phones and displays like google hub, there’s no chance an old guy can see with out changing glasses. :frowning:
The default sizes should stay… Just maybe add a secondary choice for text sizes with the disclaimer, the new text size may not fit everywhere.

I’m new to HA having chosen to migrate from openHAB due to their now failed iCloud integration. It’s a bit of a learning curve, but have pretty much replicated my setup in HA now. BUT… I have to agree, the size of font in the app on the iPhone is a real challenge for us over 50s folks. I too am looking for a solution for this.

Don’t forget to vote for your own idea.

In the app you can select pinch to zoom in settings.

These kinds of settings are settings that have to be enabled on the device showing the interface.

For browsers, you use the built-in page zoom (cmd/ctrl+(+)) (usually this is hidden in a 3-dot menu) to get to the desired results.

For the companion app, you go to Settings → Companion App → General → Page zoom, and select the desired result.

For Google home hub, there is not really an option that I can see, but maybe (just maybe) google will add that in the future, but I doubt they will do that based on content from this forum :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks for the info… Google hub is my biggest problem. Tons of empty space around all the labels.

I think there are numbers under the temperature, but I’m not sure.

Individual card entity text size would be awesome.

Yeah, seeing that screen shot, I have to agree. That’s ridiculous!

I was going to say just adjust the size on the device or browser, but looking at the above I can’t imagine anyone thinking that was a good design.

BTW, 50is isn’t old :wink:

Wasn’t 50 the new 40?

I know I don’t feel old even if I have grey hair. But yes, I prefer bigger as well and Dark Mode.

I havent tried it yet, but maybe card-mod can do this?

I don’t know how well they play with the HA companion apps, but you should also make sure to go to the Accessibility settings and try out different screen magnifier/zoom and display/text features that might work for you.

Thank you kind sir!

Just to be clear there’s still no solution for google hub… right?

Change the theme font

Hey, enough of the “Old at 50” jargon :joy:

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theme font doesn’t work.

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