WTH - Open source project without open roadmap

Seems really weird to me that such an amazing open-source project doesn’t plan more in the open. Even if it’s more general like in the fall we would like to tackle better Bluetooth support. It doesn’t mean you have to commit to it but would be great to have that visibility.

Instead of a roadmap with dates (where people may start shouting when something is delayed according to an earlier plan), a list of initiatives on an “epic” level ranked in order of priority would be useful!


I would love to know what is coming, and what features are being worked on, etc.

Same, with the massive number of commits it’s hard to watch (if you have time) and see an overall theme. It might help the community prepare and be willing to test specific features in beta if they had a heads up of things to come or the theme for the next month or two.

Every beta release is paired with beta release notes that describe added features when the beta is released.

A roadmap does not have to have estimated completion dates tied to them.

Can just roadmap, add ECDs where reasonable, leave them off if not.

This would also allow for manuf and programmers’ to plan ahead. ‘Wow! I see you are planning to do BT/BLE. Gosh let’s have a chat as I make all these BLE gizmos.’

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The honest answer here is: There is none… :man_shrugging:
Not public, not private.