WTH - Panel for Processed and Upcoming automations

I would really like to see a page/panel that would show me the upcoming automations for the next 1 hour, and also a section for the already processed automations from the past hour. This way I could check at a glance if my light will be coming on shortly or if was already processed and didn’t fire.

How do you know in advance what automations will be triggered in next hour? Only automations based on clock can be seen (also, what about conditions then?). Is this something that you are looking for?

I am not sure that automations based on condition would work, but I think that it would work nicely for time base automation or also based on sun elevation. This is the one that I would really be interested in since the time varies from day to day.

It seems to be a good challenge to make it work. All supported components (like sun) should be able to return next state change time somehow. Or even better, be able to fire a trigger as you proposed. But then there should be a way to first configure when to do that. It is probably not very useful when it is always one hour. So, some additional parameter or service call is needed for that.

With sun you can check next_* attributes and do some automation around them. There could be more integrations that have something similar or can be extended but most of components that can triggers automations are not able to predict future anyway.

Some sort of calendar view (for calendar-type component) would be the closest match for that I think.