WTH Search feature in ESPHome

A search feature on ESPHome would be nice for those people with a more than a few devices.

Search for what?

I have over 50 devices, would be nice just to type, airpur and only show your air purifiers. Or only show devices for a specific room.

CTRL-F works here…

I’m curious what dinner bell does

I have an Echo button in the kitchen. When my wife presses it I get a ten minute announcement from my echo show at my desk and a five minute timer is set on my echo clock. All that is done in the Echosphere. The ESP device in ESPHome is a box on my desktop with three bright LEDS and a button. When the kitchen button is pressed the ESPHome device flashes the three LEDS in sequence- just in case I didn’t hear the announcement. When I press the button it stops flashing the LEDs and sends a text-to-speech message back to the kitchen Echo device acknowledging the original button press.

The hardest part was getting the LEDs to blink.

Search feature is available on:

Automations, Scenes, Scripts, BluePrints, Integrations, Devices, Entities, Helpers, Dashboards, Tags, Users, Logs, Backups and a couple more.

Little uniformity would be nice… ( and CTRL+F is also working for those… )

It’s a concept for normal people, they eat sometimes :laughing:

But I would like the search as well, and it should also search inside the yaml files for the devices.

I have something, still a WIP, because I need the maintainer’s opinion and some answers.