WTH ShellyForHass easy migrate to native Shelly integration

I have problem that I was using Shelly products on HA way before native Shelly integration was developed. Because of that and because of many shelly devices I started using ShellyForHass.

Now when I want to migrate to native integration this become big problem.
1: I must unninstall current ShellyForHass integration, so that mean that all devices will stop to work…
2: Then I must try to install native shelly integration and then after discovery of all shelly devices I need to change every single shelly device name and entity name and all settings so that automations will (I hope so) work as before.

Why not just simple to make possible to make some migration tool which remember all shelly devices entities and names so that can be easily to migrate to new (or old) integration… wth!!!

Hardly think it’s a wth for HA to support and fix a migration tool for something developed by someone else as a custom component.
Nothing stops you to continue to use Shelly4Hass instead of the native integration.

Simple suggestion… nothing more :wink:

Have you ever found a good way to migrate?
I think the WTH here is that the integrations have the same name (“shelly”), so the internal integration cannot be used as long as ShellyForHass is installed. Otherwise one could migrate the devices one by one.

I make copy of VM… and was checking device step by step and reclicking to another instance… it take me 3 hours for 30+ shellies…

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Ok that’s a good idea. This way one will not have to take a note of every device and automation. I still don’t like it but it seems to be the best option :grimacing:

just remember… I make original instance as offline and on other IP address so that it do not send stuff to mqtt and other integrations… also make sure that you make database as copy so that old database is used oy by original HA… also this way you have complete backup in case of any problems…

I’m just now thinking about historic data. I have some shelly plugs which are shown in my energy dashboard. Not sure

  • if I delete the integration, will it delete the sensor data history?
  • if not, when I name the new entities exactly the same, will that just continue to work?

If you will use the complete same entity names in new integration then you wont lose past data… otherwise you will…

I made it. Exported the entities from HTML (copy&paste), copied the .store/core.* files to be able to check them later, a copy of automations.yaml, made a HA backup and then deleted to old integration.

Many hours later everything works again. No fun, would not recommend :roll_eyes:

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Is it not possible to use both integrations in parallel?

Why you should do this. HA Integration is working perfect

Maybe a good way for migration would be a tool reading the .storage/core_device/entity_registry and convert the old shelly entries. This could be done with a python program.
I wrote a python program that extracts all shelly devices and entity ids from HA.

Do you mind sharing that python code? :slight_smile:

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