WTH so HARD to find that built-in circadian rhythm lighting


Now the WTH becomes -> doesn't this incredible value
 deserves to be highlighted?

Original post:
Yes I have seen those custom_components and they are admirable, but that’s still way to dxxx unacceptably complicated for such a Common feature.
Especially it will bring the HA to those less-technical demographics.
I mean look that those circadian light temperature discussions, like it has thousands and thousands of views and discussions.
That is to say, it is definitely a popular problem to have.
Currently I still have to ask Google home to turn the lights to white in the morning, so this part is yet to be automated.
Come on, HA households can be and should be smarter than this.
Let’s get it rolling and get peoples’ eyeballs dropped.

built-in… like this?


Oh yes!!!
And the WTH becomes why this does not highlighted?
Or maybe on the left column after history we can have a tips/hints -> click -> show 10 top tips/tricks INCLUDING this Flux.
It is pretty valuable that it justifies a highlight:
especially in this difficult times when people need the healthy circadian rhythms now more than ever.

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There are currently over 1600 integrations for Home Assistant, why should Flux be highlighted? It’s valuable to you and certainly other users as well, but at the same time it has no value for a lot of other users (e.g. if you only have basic lights at home, no dimming or color).

Maybe it’s a different topic, and the reason it hasn’t happened yet is privacy.

But sometimes I wish the integrations page felt more like an app store, where you have the newest, the most used, the rating and maybe how many installs it has.

Maybe that way the flux integration would pop up every now and then? :slight_smile:

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Ok, so how about make it like an app store like Carlos suggested,
there can be hottest integration list to catch, latest integration list to try out, and user’s choice list with high reviews to pay attention, etc.
Also to be honest I have searched “circadian rhythm” and can’t find it, so the flux could appear for related searches like that, right?
That can be all integrations supporting a handful of tags for searching exposure.
Currently finding something can be as hard as a deep space scan.

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Just go to the integrations page and read as many as you want. Honest 1600 sounds like too much work, but there are plenty you won’t even glance at (like Swedish weather, US tides or UK trains (all depending where you live!), media players you don’t own etc.

Honestly one of the most fascinating is utility https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/#utility

Thanks for that! Always something new to learn.

Always thought Flux was just the brand name of some lighting and, given that I have no “Flux lights”, never looked into it!

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The custom component, Circadian Lighting is more customisable. It’s what I use


Now that one I’m familiar with because I know what circadian means and that’s a long-lived thread!

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