WTH... some of my lights will only transition with a value that ends with 's' (like "5s")

I have 3 Inovelli bulbs exposed via Zwavejs2mqtt, via Mosquitto, to Home Assistant. All things appear to work well except for transitions. I initially thought it was the bulbs acting up or not having the feature, but if I enter a Transition duration in Zwavejs2mqtt (like ‘5’) and then send a brightness update, the bulb transitions.

I then moved into Home Assistant and tried a few things trying to get them to work, and the only time they transitioned was if I used the “Call Service” in Developer Tools, using light.turn_on/off/toggle, in YAML mode, with a transition value of that ended with an ‘s’ (like “5s”). Example YAML:

service: light.turn_on
  transition: '15s'
  entity_id: light.example

I don’t know why this is occurring or how to resolve this, hence the WTH!

hmmm… I think the last one is correct

transition: '15s'
transition: '15'
transition: 15s
transition: 15