WTH "Template condition" and "Trigger condition" in Automations don't include a more detailed name?

“Template condition” name should include also the actual jinja2 template in the name so we don’t have to open it to see what’s inside,
And “Trigger condition” name should include the trigger_id


The template condition could be hundreds of lines long…

The trigger condition though… yes.

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The trigger condition could indeed be better :+1:

The template condition is really not possible. We can’t describe a template. However, you can click the three dots menu of that condition and rename it to something more descriptive.




PR in our codebase that adds it:


Thanks a lot @frenck !!

Might be a stretch here, so feel free to ignore,
But just thought now that with this (awesome) change it would also be great if the trigger id itself would be added to the trigger detailed name it belongs to (only if it has trigger id).

WDY @frenck ?