WTH the "trigger variables" aren't visible in some way in the Automation UI?

I always have to look for the documentation to use them,
It would be great if in the automation there would be some sort of a field selector\auto complete when writing jinja2 templates.

Something like what Alarmo (3rd party integration) has done which is so simple to use

State completion for the UI has been added in 2022.9

I know, and it’s great,
But i’m referring to variables like trigger.from_state and trigger.to_state auto completion when writing templates in Automations

That is simply impossible, there is nothing about trigger.to_state that could infer the possible states.

Sure it works in an alarmo card, but in those cases, the possibilities are limited and fixed. In the case of raw templates, it can literally be anything.

Im not taking about the states, but auto completion for the variable name itself

Aah clear! :+1: