WTH there is no recording completed event?

With camera stream there is a record service however there is no even that would tell us that particular service has completed recording. Users end up adding a delay that is usually long enough for recording to finish however it would be so much cleaner to wait for a specific event in an automation.

The api that the integration uses would have to offer that. Frigate does. Many other camera integrations do too.

Thanks, I forgot to mention that I’m talking about generic camera.

generic camera doesn’t know when the stream will end because it’s just using a feed url.

Even though it is a generic camera, home assistant can decide if recording is finished from respective stream source, right? The question was about having an event when camera.record service, not camera streaming attribute

sure, it could be added in that regard, but it won’t be an actual end time, it’ll be a guess based on the duration.

Camera recording functionality is supplied by base camera implementation, integrations are just enabling stream source and the rest is taken care by base.


Actually, as you pointed out earlier, camera has a state if it is recording or streaming or idle, it should be used to decide this

… that still doesn’t know when it’s finished. The await is waiting for the function to be called and returned, not the record finishing.

Seems like the request is for the stream integration to publish an event when it knows it’s done saving the recording. Seems like a reasonable request and possible to do.