WTH thermostat support?

Hi all,

I’ll be moving to my new home soon, and I noticed they mounted WTH thermostats to control the floor heating in my living room and my bedroom. I have never heard of this brand and there’s not much I can find about it online.

It seems like I got this on my wall twice: Powerstealing ruimte thermostaat - WTH
It’s a Dutch house and the info there is in Dutch. They’re talking about UMR2 for both data and power for the thermostat.

This is all I can find about it:

I do find a PDF-file that mentions connecting something via UTP, but not sure what that’s for and if you can then control it. I’ll also contact them to ask if there are any ways they know without hacking the thermostats.

Basically, it says there is a web interface you can reach once you hook the device to your network.
The display would tell you the IP address, one character at a time, on the display when you press the button.

Hi Gerben,

Same situation here. They will connect a UMR2. What was your solution?

No solution yet. I do have the UMR2 somewhere in my house, but no idea how to use it.