WTH uneditable GUI integrations

Back when all integrations were all yaml based it was super easy to make quick changes to an integrations settings, such as integration password, IP address, etc. You just change the IP in yaml, reload, and done.

Now most everything is in the GUI and there is no easy way to edit most integration settings. Quick password change? Nope. You have to delete the integration and add it back. Not only is this unintuitive if feels dangerous. What does deleting the integration do? It should delete everything associated with it, right? So adding it back, for integrations with lots of devices, could be a lot of work (especially if you renamed any of them and subsequently used them in automations and dashboards).(This recently happened with me UniFi Protect integration.)

So why can’t those integration parameters be exposed in the GUI under the … menu for quick editing?

Duplicate of WTH do some integrations have to be uninstalled and reinstalled completely to change options? - #2 by euggersh