WTH Use Friendly Name Everywhere

I’m not sure where you can vs cannot use friendly name but at least I think you have to use the raw entity name in automations and scripts in some cases. So your action must change the state of switch.zwave.1234 instead of “switch.Garage”. Or if you want to kick off a script in an automation you have to turn_on script.1234567890 instead of script.MyScript. Sometimes you can pick the item by its friendly name but it’s replaced by the entity name on save. I do believe friendly name can be used quite a bit but not everywhere

This, it’s hugely inconsistent being able to define name and friendly_name separately for some things and not others. So for some things I have to include a friendly_name override in customize etc.

It’s getting better as things move to be configured through the UI, but everything yaml only seems to be a 50/50.

As some examples of missing friendly_name:

Duplicate. No it isn’t.

WTH don't all integrations have a minimum set of standard options?

I dont think this is duplicate. I believe what you linkid is that not all entities/objects can have a friendly name…the issue here is even if entities have friendly name, not all activities support it.

Too slow. WTH is finished.

I would like to think that all raised issues continue in the backlog for future consideration.

This was marked as a duplicate pretty quickly, wonder if that caused it to not get as much attention as deserved. I do feel this is a significant usability issue and hope it can get addressed.


Re-reading it, you are right they are different WTHs. Sorry.

If you want to gather more support you can open a feature request. Devs do read through them.