WTH use pipes for attributes in Universal Media Player integration?


Why the heck are there pipes used for Universal Media Player attributes config instead of templates?!

This brings me a lot of headache recently as Universal Media Player seems to have some issue with getting sources_list from one of my media_player entities – this one get’s it’s source_list with some delay, via MPD… If those were templates, I would be easily able to define my own constant list of sources. Without creating another entity just to store source_list.


Running aground of this myself also.
Had hoped to use UMP to present a virtual Media Player built on other (non Media Player) devices, such as a ‘light’ that controls volume on an amplifier.
Can’t use a template.
And can’t use the entity|attribute format either, because some math needs doing to convert the light’s 0-255 range into MP’s 0-1 range.
Sigh… Just when I thought it was going to work…