WTH - Using Person or User Throughout the UI

The person entity is not yet integrated into the overall system, and several of the WTH comments are about how to couple the concept with other element e.g. login using Users, or with notifications.

A more thorough integration might be in order as this is really a core concept in an automation system - we communicate with someone, someone has access rights, someone has a specific token, many devices are associate with individuals.


  1. A person should have a list of notification media associated - maybe with preference ordering
  2. The person/user distinction should be collapsed
  3. Trackers and other devices should be able to have person associations
  4. Specific data should be able to be associated with persons e.g. if a passcode is given to a user then the passcode field might be added to all users so it can be matched to identify the user
  5. Access rights should be associated with the person
  6. Persons should be groupable e.g. children and parents, in a similar way to areas

This is obviously a big ask, and would have to be a feature close to the core, but seems like it would improve usability in lots of ways!

This is a duplicate of about 5 different WTHs. The only unique WTH here is

Please adjust this post to only request that, otherwise this will be closed. We want to keep all votes for specific features separate.

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This won’t happen. Users can not be people. I.e. Alexa, Google Home, other services using credentials to send information to HA.

I.e. a person is a user and a person, but you can have users that are not people. I use this frequently to follow voice commands sent to HA.

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Take your pick

custom attributes

custom attribute templates

tagging entities with specific info

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One of the largest WTH’s

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group people

just delete it - i cannot

You can just edit the post for the request to link device_trackers with people. Just an FYI, device trackers are already associated with people, but not the other way around.

I dont care about that - and I cannot delete the post - it says speak to admin