WTH VSCode icon hard to recognise

Hello, this should be easy to do. Every time I click on the Complements with the intention to open the VSCode integration, my eyes can’t easily find it because the icon is not representative of the tool.

VSCode has the same consistent icon similar to a blue fish. vscode icon which is more representative


It used to be that icon, and the addon used to be called VSCode. However, if I’m informed correctly, HA got a correspondence from Microsoft and after that renamed the add-on and replaced the icon

That’s interesting. I don’t know about the name, but the icon I’m pointing to in me previous email is from wikipedia and should be ok to use according with the IP policy

Why risk it though? No one wants a lawsuit even if you can win it. It’s a waste of money if it can be avoided all together.

That’s right. Let’s keep using that ugly (but safe) icon

You can always add your own sidebar that links to the page that has whatever icons you want

Not sure what the “IP policy” is you are referring to, but the Visual Studio Code and VS Code icons and names usage guidelines page has some points that could apply to how it was used.

that first guideline explains everything

@Michel Yust to be clear:

  1. The page from wikipedia has a note about licensing. But also,
  2. The page from wikipedia points to this page from Microsoft (Visual Studio Code and VS Code icons and names usage guidelines) and on that page there is a list of things that are OK and NOT OK.

My personal feeling is that it should be OK to use the official icon here:

But it is only “my personal feeling” and I fully agree with HA authors if they don’t want to use the official icon to avoid risks.

It had the original VSCode icon & name. I was contacted by Microsoft directly with a friendly request to change that.

This happened some months ago.

The add-on runs code-server, which is built on top of VSCode to make it servable via the web as we do in the add-on.

Now a few months later, it all makes sense, as Microsoft is about to launch its own code-server… an actual vscode server.

Anyways, Microsoft asked me nicely. I had no reason to fight that; nor do I want to get into a fight about it. Hence, I renamed it to what it is actually running.



So now you are going to change it to the Microsoft one, and rename it again and change the icon back?