WTH, we need a tinkering mode!

I would love to have a way to switch on the tinkering/debug mode. Fliping the switch would convert my regular user mode to a mode where it shows the views I created with debug info and shows the Add-ons like VScode, Node-Red, ESPHome, HACS, and a button to restart HA the developer tools, etc.

Even the ability to have two different config directories and being able to switch between the two would be helpful. That would give me the “Mrs” config that does not change frequently, and my config that could be testing new features. She’d love it!

Even better would be the ability to copy lovelace dashboards can config elements from “test” to “Production”

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From the OS, that should be possible with symlinks.
Have two directories, config_stable and config_beta. Symlink the regular config directory to whichever you want to have active. Perhaps you could even automate that with a bash script you could trigger from somewhere in ha.

The next step would be ensuring this gets backed up and restored from a backup.