WTH - We want supervisor/hassio back (yes, again)

All started few month ago with inconspicuous note about dropping support of supervised installations.

So i wrote ticker here:

@flamingm0e promised some solution… Few month lasts and now… support is really dropped! Many of us see “You are running an unsupported installation.” message in our HA’s. :scream:

I have to say again - supervised installation is widely used and i believe the best type and most professional type of HA installation. Why kill it?

So again - we want supervised installation (support) back!

Are there not enough threads about this already?
Do you seriously believe adding another thread will do any difference?

Supervised is supported on a very limited number of platforms, because “supported” means a lot of testing before each release, and more platforms means more time spent testing, and less time spent developing.

If you want to run it on another platform, that is fine. It might work, and if it does, good for you. If not, you are on your own when you need to fix it.


I see no WTH about this. I was invited to put WTH in this “WTH action”. So i did. And if you ask - yes i think there is not enough threads if someone still doesn’t understand this is important.

Pascal described everything in this post: