WTH where is factory reset option

I would like to have a an option where we can revert all the option and go back to blank home assistant. It would be very useful especially for these who have a test env.

You can already do this by nuking the /config directory.

I believe he means need a UI/GUI button for “Restore Home Assistant to factory default settings” in the frontend for HASS/HASSIO installs just like there are such “factory reset” features available for most appliances as ex. smart phones/tablets/televisions and network routers meant for home use.

I think that is a good idea for the GUI frontend of Home Assistant OS installations if Nabu Casa plan on selling Home Assistant Yellow boxes as a pre-installed home automation hub appliance in retail stores.

Such a "factory reset feature is really expected in all smart appliances sold in retail stores today.

While this is not a feature that experienced users of open-source software might not expect to exist in the GUI/UI I do think that it is something that buyers of retail appliances do expect to see in the GUI/UI.






This is exactly what I meant.


As long as this is hidden in some weird dark places, it is fine :slight_smile: but as @firstof9 already pointed out, doing it is already pretty straightforward, right?

I see, could potentially be useful, but very dangerous as well.

I do already struggle with factory reset on yellow :smiley:

On the server I just restore full VM backup and done, on os running directly on hw it is not that easy.

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where can i find instructions on how to do this? on the pi it was just a case of pulling out the sd card, popping it into my windows pc and reformatting the card using etcher.

on my HA blue, I’ve moved house 12 weeks ago and spent countless hours researching and am still working out how to get rid of old devices, databases …

at this stage, it looks like the only practical option is to trash the blue and revert to the pi. if HA had a factory reset it would mean that people don’t have to throw away otherwise perfectly good hardware.

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Any information on this would be great, I’d like to reset one of my servers running HAOS directly installed on a raspberry pi.

just delete the contents of your config folder (including hidden files) and restart. Reboot manually worse case. HA by default will build the files.

This is not the solution. Can we please unmark this reply as a solution?

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This is not an everyday common user solution. This is a hacker solution.

I believe what is being asked for here (which I fully agree with) is a bona fide UI-exposed factory reset option just like many/most smart appliance devices have.


I agree there must be a way to do so at all times. Having said that: a GUI option won’t help when things are really bad. It is also less likely to work, because you cannot destroy the system while operating the system. It is not like any device, because HA is software, not firmware.

It is also not a common thing to do on any software solution. I would also not want it to be easy. So as long as there is a way that always works, it is fine by me.

The thread owner marked the solution. So, that means that’s what they wanted.

If you want this feature, make a Feature Requests, not a Month of "What the heck?!".

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Indeed. That would be like Asus support telling a user to SSH into their router and delete files to factory reset one of their routers

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Except you can delete them in HAOS via a Samba share :man_shrugging:

That in not in the spirit of the main message presented the State of The Open Home 2024 was to make Home Assistent more accessable to mainstream users

That is a continuing to streamlining experiences, with a focus on making things easier, stable, and faster, including making more things can be managed via the UI in a simple way.

Right, but again, that would be for a feature request not this WTH. I’ll be closing this now seeing that people aren’t understanding this.

If you arrived here, please vote for this (as a UI) feature here.

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