WTH Why are scripts not in script language

I get it, that YAML is the standard for configuration in Home Assistant. Personally I hate YAML, but love HA, so I’m using it nevertheless.

However, in one place HA would benefit a lot by using other language - scripts. Would be great to write your scripts in other language (e.g. Python or JavaScript). Evaluating such scripts shouldn’t be a problem and the syntax will be just standard Python/JS syntax (service calls etc. could be exported as functions).
We can keep YAML support for easy UI programming, but I would really like to see also more programmatic approach.

You have the option of using pyscript or Appdaemon. For people unfamiliar with Python using YAML to construct script “recipes” is far simpler.

In addition to Tom’s suggestion, you can use the Python Scripts integration for basic things that don’t require extra imports.

I really don’t know why I’ve missed that Python Scripts integration! Would be great to have a link in the scripts screen “if you want to program script using Pythonm, see [link] this integration”.

I still feel like it should become just an another tab in the window, so user can choose “easy for non-programmers” or “advanced (python lang)” mode. Sure, it’s not something super urgent, but a really nice-to-have for anyone who is familiar with any programming language (Yaml is not suited for programming)