WTH why aren't there any shortcuts when creating an automation

Once you start to get more familiar with the new fantastic automation editor it would be nice to have some quicker way of building them.

This is kind of what I’m imagining how that could work

  1. ctrl + shift + t’ to open the trigger drop down list

  2. typing with the dropdown list open would perform a search based (similar to how the search for entities work today)
    So imagine I want to add a state trigger I could do this by simply pressing ‘S’, which would result in something like the image below

  3. Similar as today pressing ‘Enter’ would confirm the selected item and display the trigger options. The only difference here would be that the entity should be selected by default instead of either needing to press tab like a crazy person or click on it.

  4. After adding the first item the rest of the workflow for configuring the trigger works great with simply tabbing to get to the next field, so no feedback on that part.

  5. Tabbing to the Conditions after Triggers though shouldn’t really select the help button on the right side, but instead go directly to the Conditions. Alternatively pressing ‘ctrl + shift + c

  6. Actions would work in a similar way and could quickly be accessed by pressing ‘ctrl + shift + a’ or whatever shortcut makes sense.

That is about it, to some extent this can all be done today, by tabbing until the correct thing is selected. But the order of tabbing doesn’t always make sense.

Yep, all for keyboard shortcuts.