WTH: Why aren't there more sanity checks?

There are several single reports about missing sanity checks.
I would like to generalize this and request that any action that would potentially affect the general functionality needs sanity checks:

  1. configuration before restart (If not explicitely disabled, HA should not restart without making sure that the configuration does not prevent a successful restart)
  2. Dashboard config (It is easily possible to configure some view in a way that this essentially locks up the browser in a split second)
  3. device/entity renaming (should at least provide an actionable list of all automations that this change will break)
  4. integration handling (there should be no looping when a configuration is not successful)

There are certainly more events when an automated sanity check would be super useful and prevent (partially) disasterous errors.

Home Assistant already does that… :wink:
it will run a configuration check to ensure it can start; otherwise, the restart will be aborted, and an error message will be shown.

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This is new to me. In the past I had some occurences where a restart would end up in a setup that was not startable.

Maybe make this feature mor obvious? I do press the “check” button every time before restarting. Seems I can save the time it takes to do that.

It’s been like that for years. I still by habit check before restarting though.

Cannot be that many years.
The last time I bricked my installation with a faulty configuration is probably not more than 2 years.

It’s been in there for at least 3 years. It can’t catch everything, it catches syntax errors. It can’t validate connections, credentials, or conflicting configurations.

It should be able to catch everything that prevents a start up.

Then it would have to spool up an entire separate home assistant to just check these things. They recently added the ability to start regardless of any issue to avoid having to do that. So this isn’t even an issue anymore. I suggest you take some time to actually learn the sanity checks in place before requesting more.

Well, a functionality that is not obvious is pretty much not available.

Then this is not a feature request but rather a usability request to make it more obvious that a click on the “restart” button is a save operation.

It makes it very known if you have an issue. It won’t let you restart and it displays a giant error. What do you suggest it do when it doesn’t have an issue? Another pop up? People don’t like too many clicks.

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just throwing this out there too…

Fair point!
I have not conciously seen this so far. Looks like an oversight on my site.