WTH Why can’t I do a password reset when I forget my HASS password?

Why can’t I do a password reset when I forget my HASS password?

You can.

auth reset --username existing_user --password new_password


I was speaking in first person on behalf of everyone in my family. Ie, it needs to be self serve password reset… I’m sick of doing it for them and typing in their password…

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Can you though? I thought that only worked on HassOS–if you run core or supervised the command is restricted.

This will be possible in the next release (0.115), admin accounts can change password directly from the UI.



Talk about quick work. That was all of 11 minutes to get done. :rofl:

Haha, I can’t take credit for that, was actually added to developer builds a couple days ago.

0.115 is going to be a very epic release :slight_smile:

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Looks good - and @hanerd you’re right - I’ve actually been deleting the user and recreating it with their desired password.

What I would still like is password reset for those who can’t remember their password - ie, they get a new phone, open HASS and can’t remember. At that point, I’d like a password reset function they can manage themselves.

Having said that, at least a change password option in 0.115 is a step forward!


So why then have any password at all if a user can just click ‘forgot password’ and then login anyway… great security!

Why don’t you set up trusted networks/users? You can probably do what you need to via that.

Um… Am I missing something? Many websites have a “forgot password” function and are secure. I’m not asking for anything controversial here.

and they require some kind of validation like an email to be sent…

I think that’s implied in the request. What could work is using a notify platform (e.g. notify.mobile_app) to send a verification code to an already authenticated device that could then be input to reset the password.

Is that why there are no beta release notes this month? (keeping us in suspense!) Unless the URL has changed…?

there is no beta till next Wednesday
see here
Home Assistant Developer Docs | Home Assistant Developer Documentation
They seem to have changed it again and it’s now Monday for the beta to start…

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Oh… Have they moved away from 3 week releases again?

(Sorry to sidetrack this thread)

nah, i think its to coincide with birthday

Beta should have started last week so they pretty much skipped a whole cycle…
(You can scroll down and see 0.116 release and beta as well)

So a bit off-topic, but the cycle has been extended for two weeks, one-time only. So, 0.115 is a one-time 5 week cycle. Reasoning for that is A some big feature we want to get right, B our birthday and C WTH. After that the normal 3 week cycle returns. Because of the size of the 0.115 release, we’ll be running a longer beta as well (1,5 week).


Thanks for the update Frank. I just like to tease myself reading the upcoming release notes :slight_smile: I’ll stop diverting this thread now :zipper_mouth_face:

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Seeing that this is solved in the next release, I’m closing the thread.