WTH Why can’t I use the influxDB-data as a normal sensor in HA?

I guess WTH 1 is that I need to use influxDB in the first place, I whish HA had a inbuilt well-function system for logging sensor data over time. But lets say I use influxdB for that, as far as i can tell, it is not possible to just show this historical data of the sensor directly in HA. Instead you “have” to use grafana, which looks completely different, and is difficult to implement together with other graphical elements.

Am I missing something? https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/influxdb/#sensor

As far as i know, this doesn’t let you show the history of the sensor bacwards in time? For instance, even though it i stored in the influxdB, i can’t show a graph of the electricity use the past year.

Sounds like your asking why we can’t use an alternate source for the history information such as influxdb.
I use influxdb for long term data storage and grafana for visualization.

It would be nice to see better integration of alternate long term history storage.
I am not sure what it would look like though.

Also you should vote for your own.

Ah, of course. Sorry.

Yeah, I guess that is more precise. The inbuilt database is very primitive for any long time use. The best would have been if it wasn’t. Second best is if we could use an alternate source. I think it just should work as if it was the internal HA database, it just pulls the data and shows it with the already existing HA-tools like lovelace cards and so on.