WTH why can't I add another list to the shopping list?


Why can’t we have multiple lists? Are we out of space? :slight_smile: It would be nice to use the “Shopping list” as a To-Do or reminder list, that is able to hold multiple lists.

I would like to have a morning list that gets checked off as I do my morning routines, an actual shopping list, and an evening list. Each that get controlled, edited, updated, and reset at different times by HA.

With multiple lists I could have a screen showing an “Active Items” list for example that shows dynamic tasks that still need to be done. Such as moving the laundry from the washer to the dryer before it gets smelly. (After automatically knowing the washer finished with my power monitor for example.)

Having only 1 list really limits the possibilities. The next “step up” appears to be using something like Grocy. That is a very large step up in complexity, for just needing multiple lists HA can mess with.

Thank you, have a good day.

It would definitely be nice to have multiple lists.

Don’t forget to vote for your own request!

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Closing as a duplicate of this: WTH why can't I create multiple shopping lists? please vote and follow there.

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