WTH Why can't I assign a schedule to a climate entity (generic thermostat, for instance)

I have several generic thermostats defined with smart plugs with oil heaters plugged in and temperature sensors in the room.

Usually I’m only interested in having this “active” during the sleep time, so I basically control it via automations. Before schedules, I used several input_datetimes.

What would be great would be the possibility of assigning a schedule directly to the climate entity (generic thermostat, for instance) and let HA turn it on/off based on the schedule!

How is this different than an automation triggering on the state of the schedule?

As I said in my original post, no difference. This is a functionality which I think it would make sense to integrate, WTH…

Can you post an example of how climate and schedule would be integrated?

For example, do you mean every climate entity would have an attribute containing the entity’s schedule? Or would a schedule entity have provisions for handling specific entities, like a climate entity?

I would say every climate entity could have a schedule control assigned. Something like this:

  - platform: generic_thermostat
    name: Home Thermostat
    heater: switch.heater_plug
    target_sensor: sensor.temperature_room
    min_temp: 18
    max_temp: 23
      seconds: 5
    schedule_control: schedule.home_thermostat_working_hours

Assuming binary_sensor.home_thermostat_working_hours as a schedule entity, this would allow the thermostat to only work according to the schedule.

Just an idea…

That would be useful but I believe the schedule_control option should contain the entity_id of a schedule entity.

    schedule_control: schedule.home_thermostat_working_hours

That would allow you to directly set the climate entity’s operational hours via a schedule entity’s UI.

FWIW, this would require a significant change to the climate integration which would impact all other integrations that use it. Any developer wishing to implement this feature would first have to discuss it in Home Assistant’s Architecture repository, to get approval from the development team.

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My bad, of course!

Edited accordingly.

How can i change the target temperature on the generic HA thermostat?
My AC temperature sensor is fk up.
Thank you