WTH, Why can't I duplicate a card from within the Edit Card UI?

Something I often find myself needing is the ability to duplicate a card in its entirety. Unfortunately, this is not possible via the UI.

The image below represents an example where the ability to duplicate a card via the UI would be a great time saver. As you can see, these cards are a series of buttons within a few stacks. The only real difference between each button is the entity or perhaps a specific value used by a given service call. Everything else is otherwise identical or inherited (i.e. icons).


To be clear, it is from here that I would like to have the ability to duplicate a card.

EDIT: Clarified the title to eliminate confusion.

You can easily do such copy/paste with the code editor.

But a copy button in the UI editor would be nice… :wink:

Yep, that’s why I intentionally called out the UI methodology.


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Not what I am referring to. I’m asking for the option to copy a card from WITHIN the Edit Card interface.