WTH Why can't I easily jump to the underlying addons' change log?

Ooh, there’s been an update to Z-Wave JS UI, great! Let’s see what’s changed!

:arrow_up: Dependency updates

  • :arrow_up: Upgrades Z-Wave JS UI to v8.0.1 @raman325 (#423)

Have we mentioned how much we appreciate Franck is packaging these up for us? Well, we should. But right now I’m exciting wondering what’s changed in the core of the addon itself. That must be listed here somewhere, or a button to get to it, surely? Ah, I guess I’ll Google Search for their Github then? (Or I need to wear my glasses more often at least. In my defense, I don’t have any updates to confirm this is still a thing) :slight_smile:

When you update a dependency, typically the PR author links the changelog in the PR. So if you click the link to the PR you’ll probably find a link to the zwavejs UI changelog there.

But it would be weird to copy and paste pieces of some other products documentation/changelog into yours like you made that change? It’s a separate product.

What you are asking about is possible today, the addon author can add more details, or even links to external change log.

Anything the addon author place in the changelog.md file of the addon will be shown.

I guess this is about information on the depends itself. I am not willing to go there, this is not a HA limitation (thus this WTH is technically solved).

But right now I’m exciting wondering what’s changed in the core of the addon itself.

Exactly what is written in de changelog, the Z-Wave JS Ui the add-on wraps was upgraded (which was all that changed in the add-on for that patch release).

Some add-ons have tons of decencies (eg SSH add-on). And write a changelog for that seems out of place and duplicate work, that above all out of scope.


PS: marking this WTH as resolved, as it is possible for HA to serve any text, and this WTH is about third-party addons (my personal project in this case)