WTH - Why can't I use old iPads for Home Assistant?

The Home Assistant webpage and the companion apps require quite recent iOS versions and performant devices.
That’s a shame, because it would be super useful if we could use old iPads as information centers.
Sadly, an iPad mini 2/3 won’t even make it beyond the login screen or if it does, then it will almost fail to show a useable interface.

Solution: A light weight, stripped down webpage that is compatible with older browsers/os.

is it working with the lightweight browser? did you manage to use your old ipad?

Can you elaborate?

I wish there would be some light weight solution that is able to run on older iPads. I’m not aware that there is something already.

I was able to save an old TabE (android 4.4) that was destined for the bin by installing a ROM that was compatible with HA (min version Android 5).

Is it possible to similar with Apple products, jailbreaking it to a newer version?

The HA UI is written with in some fairly modern Javascript, so the older browsers won’t support it, and I wouldn’t expect to see support added for super old devices.

That said, there are a couple other Home Assistant dashboard interfaced out there that do run on older browsers. I personally use TileBoard on my wall-mounted tablets, and there’s also HADashboard and some others.