WTH Why can't we edit (customize) the Map markers

and have these characters abbreviations instead (and no way to attach an image there)

Here origin, Here destination in this case, but besides person entities that do show their entity picture, this seems global for mapped entities
please allow us to at least customize those.

You can through customize.yaml by adding entity_picture

not sure that works, for starters, these sensors already have icons in the template integration:

      - unique_id: here_destination
        name: Here destination
        state: >
          {% set destination = states('input_select.destination') %}
        icon: mdi:map-marker-path

so no need for customization. the Maps just dont pick these up

Icon’s only show for zones in the map. If you want to show something for an entity_id, you always have to add entity_picture to it. Been like that since day 1 for maps. I.e. customize.yaml. Edit: maybe it’s picture_entity.

ok I’ll recheck that. But no matter that, it’s very counter intuitive, and ugly out of the box.

Maps would be much nicer if they adopted the picture or icon from the entity directly.

Which in fact is the suggestion/question I put forward, change how it currently works.

I get what you’re saying but you keep saying picture like you can’t do that now. That’s what I’m telling you, you can do this via customize.yaml.

Yes it would be nice for icon. But for picture you can already do this. Maybe you should clarify… would you like to add the picture via the UI??? because you haven’t asked for that yet.

not now, but I filed another WTH for that!

btw, I am not only asking for picture, also for icons. the Here travel time integration at hand in the example above is provided with person entity device_trackers or zones in my system. All of which are provided with either a picture or icon.

maybe I have to revisit that template, and not provide the integration with lat/longs derived form those, but simply with the entities (the person/zone) themselves.

Let me have a try

Yes I know. But pictures can be done right this moment. You keep dancing around this fact because you haven’t tried it. You can add pictures to any entity that appears on a map and it will show the picture. That’s it. It’s solved.

THis is not possible, it would be nice to have it.

Do you understand the distinction? Picture → yes (yaml only), Icons → not currently.