WTH...... Why can't we have simple way to run an automation Once A Day

A simple once a day option for automations. I have a morning blinds automation and i currently have it delayed by so many hours but that changes depending on what time i wake up, as i work different shifts.

Your description does not match your title.

For your title, a simple once a day trigger would be a time trigger.

Your description is asking for something that is not simple though. Unless you have some way of telling home assistant when you wake up or what your shift is.

This currently does not make sense. Is your request about a specific time or following a certain event? That’s possible and simple as it could be.

If your request is about “exactly once a day”, that is maybe a bit more difficult, and would ask for a use case.

I think i had raised a very similar if not the same WTH: WTH there is no RUN condition in automations ( run once or multiple times)