WTH: Why cant we use an image entity (sensor with image-url) in the picutre cards?

There are different picutre cards available by default in HomeAssistant.
All of them requires a static path to an Image - none allows to setup an entity that provides the image path…

Using the following code in the template area

image: {{ states('sensor.....235_model_image_url_large') }}

I am getting the path of the image as output:

image: https://.....Ww-C-1080570dayvext_front1080.png

But the only way on how to use the picture in one of the picture cards is to copy the URL and paste it in the configurator?

I can’t use this in the same way:

type: picture
image: {{ states('sensor.tmbjb7ny4nf047235_model_image_url_large') }}
  action: none
  action: none

It would be great, if the picture elements could be updated to support entities that provides an image path.

You make a generic camera entity that points to a file.

Cameras are moving pictures, all the picture entity cards support cameras.

yeah. sorry - i already found the solution for it… but thanks :slight_smile:
It isn’t quite clear in the first place, that I can use some template functionallity during the camera setup - to support the “still image” path given by the sensor.

In my eyes, it is working, but it could be easier :wink: