WTH why do all Smart Life / Tuya motion sensors report "Detected" forever? Can't you guys fix this?

As the line says, all Tuya motion sensors keep reporting “Detected” forever and do not go idle. Hope you guys can fix this.

Hi, I’m also having this issue and haven’t found any information regarding this.

I got some new Tuya sensors and they all show “Detected” permanently (I’ve even put them in drawers to make sure they were not detecting anything).

If anyone know how to fix this, I’d be very grateful!

Most motion detectors are configurable for reporting ‘off’ again. By default this report is not enabled. Dont know for tuya, but you should be looking for device settings around this motion off reporting.

@checking12 unfortunately, this seems to be an issue with “cheaper” PIR sensors.

@Ghost_Buster I was able to work around this using the solution posted here:

Hope that helps!

Very cool! This should work for me. Same problem, but another state that i need to set in the script. Thanks!