WTH Why do I have to keep resetting my Eufy switches

My Eufy switches repeatedly stop working and there is a ‘lakeside’ error in the log. If I unplug them, then replug them in, then restart home assistant they will work… for a while… then I need to do that whole dance again.

maybe make a bigger impact if you voted for your own suggestion?

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I thought the WTH subforum was supposed to essentially be a feature request area (hence the voting ability)…not for people to bring up normal issues?

That is not my interpretation, I could easily be wrong.

"We realize reporting bugs on our GitHub might be a steep hill. You’ll need a GitHub account, report an issue following the issue templates using Markdown and the report itself needs to be written in a way a developer can work with it. Furthermore, we use our issue tracker for tracking actual issues and bugs; not small feature requests or annoyances.

While this is a common and reasonable process to collect, track and process bugs, our issue tracking process might not be the ideal way to learn about annoyances or small tweaks and improvements that can make us all enjoy Home Assistant even more.

In May, of this year, the Ruby on Rails project had a similar month, which we have enjoyed watching. Now, we are going to do something similar.

Today, we have opened up a Community Forum category as a safe, lower barrier place to tell about your Home Assistant “What the heck?!” moments, and more importantly, discuss and vote on topics your fellow users have brought up."

Big Thanks to @RonJ103 for raising this again. The disappearing Eufy switch glitch has been out there for a long while. Seems everyone understands it has something to do with lakeside but no one smart enough to fix it is unfortunate enough to own Eufy products. :wink:

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