WTH - Why do I have to Upload a seperate Image for the Areas config UI when I have that Image in /Media?

Why do I have to Upload a seperate Image for the Areas config UI when I have that Image in /media?

I know people use this but and get by but I noticed an opportunity with a small addition we could gain some simplification and consistancy in the UI, and that media access is really good, but it could have much better image support. Here is what I ran into in a little more detail…

fwiw, I have gone throught this same secnarion when I setarted with SmartThings (Kickstarter days) and now with HA 5 years into the platform. I was cleaning up namimg and icons and generally tidying up whne i realized I coulds add images to the areas page. I got excited because I had added a bunch of Images to /media to be used in notifications. Then when I went to add my already acailible image. I get a prompt to upload a new file. on my PC I browsed to my samba share and uploaded the image from HA to HA, if I were on my phone I would have had to create a new image or jump through hoops to get the image I wanted.

I have been using the media_source functionality with the Mobile app and HASS.Agent to great success and I feel like this needs to be added to the UI across the board for a more consistant way to leverage Images accross the board.

I suggest that when an Image needs to be added to the UI, or for any usecase, we store them in /media. So when you are adding an Image to an Object like an area you can browse to /madia to select it. If the Image is not in /media, offer a way to upload it to /media. This allows centralized control of these assets and the ability to use those images in multiple ways. Hopefully giving a more streamlined consistant way to manage images.

I have my images in a sub folder of www but I agree with the principle.

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LOL I have Images in both /media and www. In some cases the same images are in both places because not all features support media_source.

Media Source - Home Assistant

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