WTH: Why does a click on an entity in last weeks energy statistics open todays sensor history?

When I go to the energy dashboard, then go to for example last week and click on an entity, I’d expect to see the energy usage of this sensor in that week - not the more-info-popup with the energy usage of the last 24h :slight_smile:

Unless I’m missing something, nothing in the energy dashboard is selectable aside from the timeframes and hover.

@petro You can click on the diagram bars

I don’t have those, must be some other state_class type.

What would you expect to see if say you go back a month and click one of those entities but your recorder history only goes back the default 10 days?

That is why it does what it do.

The entity graphs are available only for time specified for recorder. The bars on energy dashboard itself are still correct and show the whole period usage.

I would not expect to see the history (which of course is limited), but instead I’d expect to see the long term statistics, which is also used for the bar diagram posted above.
Something like the statistics card, but with two differences:

  1. Show the selected time (for example last month or two months ago)
  2. Not the increasing value, but the relative value of every day of the month (or every hour of the day, if you have selected a single day as timespan)
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This second case is really WTH (maybe it is worth its own topic). It is absolutely useless to see the total value.

Only fix I know is to create another Utility Meter for shorter period (like day) but then the week still cant be seen.

Even better, if you could see another instantaneous sensor (Watts) instead of energy one.